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Spelunky is an indie 2D platform game for Windows and Mac, created by Derek Yu and released for free. The treasure-hunting game features randomized levels, with a mix of monsters, traps, and treasure. The game lets you craft, build, fight, and mine through various levels, and its retro graphics makes it a highly exciting game […]

ASUS TUF Gaming A16 Advantage Edition 2023 Laptops For Gaming

As you’ve probably noticed, Android phones make up a majority of the best gaming phones on the market. However, some Apple products hold their own, with the iPhone 13 Pro Max being the best iOS option for gamers. MediaTek’s Dimensity 9000 Plus chipset is a force to be reckoned with while it’s paired up beautifully […]

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The issues around esports have not prevented the IOC from exploring what possibilities there are for incorporation into future Olympics. The series’ latest video game adaptation, Dragon Ball FighterZ, ditches the Xenoverse games’ arena-brawling model in favor of 3 vs. 3 tag-team fighting on a 2D plane. The gameplay shift is just one of the many […]